Increase Sponsorship to Help Needy Students Achieve educational Goals

To achieve their educational goals, students in need must have access to the right mix of resources. These resources include school supplies, transportation, and tuition. Many children with no money to afford these resources are forced to drop out of school. A sponsorship program gives them access to the resources they need to succeed. Learning […]

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Foreign Affairs Introduces Student Sponsorship Program

The Department of State Student Sponsorship Program and the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program offer opportunities for foreign students to study and intern in the U.S. Special Student Relief may also be available during national or international financial crises. The U.S. Department of State should restore consular guidance to properly evaluate immigrant intent, provide […]

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How Do I Get Someone to Sponsor My Education?

To find a sponsor, you can try searching online. You can also seek out a sponsor through your employer. There are countless potential sponsors that you might come across. These sponsors can either give you a financial contribution or offer compensation packages in exchange for the educational benefits you receive. Benefits of having a sponsor […]

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